• CEIC Data
    CEIC Data provides reliable and accurate economic data insights, including 4 million time series data covering more than 20 industries and 18 macroeconomic categories, compiled from 1,500 data sources worldwide. CEIC Data consists of China Economy Database and World Trend Database, and its subscribers can download 600 data series a year.
  • CEIC China Economy Database
    With more than 300,000 time-series data records on Chinese macroeconomic, sector and regional data, CEIC China economy database is the perfect utensil for any type of research on China's economy. The database covers 23 macroeconomic categories and 20 industry sectors, giving you the tools to conduct in-depth research on China. Regional data at the province, prefecture, country and municipality levels also allows detailed comparisons between regions. Industry data Agriculture, Automobile, Banking, Bio-fuel, Chemical and Petrochemical, Construction and Properties, Energy, Machinery and Equipment, Metal and Steel, Mining and Manufacturing, Tourism, Transport and Telecommunication, Wholesale and Retail Trade.
    Macro Economic Data Coverage
    • National Accounts
    • Social and Demographic
    • Domestic Trade and Household Survey
    • Balance of Payments
    • Business and Economic Survey
    • Interest rate, Foreign Exchange and Inflation
    • Government and Public Finance
    • Labor Market
    • International Trade
    • Investment
    • Monetary
    • Financial Market
  • CEIC World Trend Database
    CEIC World Trend Database provides robust and in-depth insights into the performance of numerous advanced and emerging economies and regions around the globe. This database includes key indicators such as GDP, IPI, FDI, and CPI, and offers regionally aggregated data, comprehensive forecasts, Markit PMI headlines, commodities data, and market sentiment indicators.
    World Trend Data Coverage
    • Global Economic Monitor
    • Country/area Forecast
    • Regional Aggregate Data
    • International Associations Data
    • ASEAN Economic Monitor
    • Global Commodities Data
    • National Competitiveness Indices
    • Top Companies Data
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